about mike

Michael is a veteran of Chicago’s famed Second City and ImprovOlympic. He’s pitched products ranging from beer, to fast food, to insurance.  He’s lent his voice to everything from super heroes to animals, to pieces of pie.  He’s done industrial films, narration, promos, video games, telephone systems, web sites, educational DVD’s... you name it, he’s yapped for it.

Here’s how his voice is usually used:

As an announcer. Sometimes, while announcing, he sounds hip. Other times, he is warm and friendly, up-beat or even energetic.  He’s also been the guy next door.  He’s even done the difficult non-announcery sounding announcer. 

Two of his personal favorites are: a piece of pecan pie and his rival a piece of pumpkin pie.

Some other fun ways his voice has been used are: auto store guy, dude, son, teen-ager, beer lover, roller coaster rider, soldier, a morning hater,  bus driver, coach, philosopher, grocery clerk, burger joint guy, crooner, disgruntled employee, proposing guy and many, many more...

studio information

Sennheiser 416
Prima LT
Mackie 802
Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
ISDN, FTP and Source-Connect Now available